October '23 -June '24

The Fertility Goddess Spiritual Lineage Speaks to the Goddess as the One Being at the Heart of Existence... 

A Dynamic Living Current of Presence that flows through this unfathomable mystery of creation...

Whose nature is Love.

Many cultures, places and times throughout history have attempted to name Her.... 

She has been called Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Astarte.... 

Her revelation as the One Being flows back to the neolithic Goddess statues we now know as Venus. 

She is beyond and before all attempts to name Her. 

She predates the Father God religions...

Some call Her Mother. 

As in, Mother Matter. 

She is the Sacred Presence that Flows Through All Forms 

That We Come to Know Through the Immediacy of The Embodied Present Moment...

I call Her The Goddess of Love.


Who Is The Venus Initiation For?

If You Felt a Deep Heart Resonance With The "Signs You're On The Venus Path... 

And the Venus Path Book...

 If Listening to Holy Grail: Her Resurrection Feels Like Coming Home... 


Perhaps these are the rose petals that led you here.

The Venus Initiation is the innermost temple.

The Deepest Well From Which All of These Revelations Pour Forth. 

It is certainly not for everyone...

But for some it is like water in a desert. 

For some, it is like coming home. 

The Journey...

October: Meeting The Wild Body Of Love. 

The Organic Architecture of Creation as A Spiritual Initiatory Sacrament. The Goddess as the One Being. Core Symbolism, Myth and Meaning. The Underworld Descent and Resurrection Map as the Blueprint of Goddess Spirituality. The Great Inversion of Patriarchy and the Abrahamic Reversal. Entering The Temple of The Body Heart. The Goddess of Love as A Living Presence and "Sacred Other" We Enter into Relationship With.

November: Divine Eros: The Vessel Mysteries

Her Love as the Sensuality Flows In Every Moment. Love Making With Existence. The Root of The Great Split of Patriarchy and Entering the Temple Beyond the Split. Eco-Erotic-Spirituality: The Prayer of the Body and Earth as the Essence of Sensuality. Spirited Matter. The Divine and the Erotic are Not Two- But One. 

December: Integration Month. 

Workshops and Practice Sessions Continue on Schedule. No New Content. Digestion and Deepening into previous months. 

January: Holy Desire: Mysteries of The Soul 

Desire as Soul Compass, Guiding Towards Wisdom. Fantasy and Taboo as Shadow Integration. Liberating Desire From Patriarchal Constructs. The Sacred Instinct and Impulse. Engaging the Body as Oracle and Bridge to Decipher Hidden Messages from The Soul. The Yoga of Desire as a Communion With the Root Creation. 

February: The Deep Heart: Mysteries of Incarnate Love

The True You. Your Unique Incarnation. Resting in the Presence of Love that Holds You. The Flavors of Divine Feeling as Emanations of The Goddess. The Vehicle of the Voice and the Power of the Word and Truth Speak to Birth Us Into Our Essential Self. The Radical Unconditionality of Loving Kindness our Heart Holds for Us. Receiving Our Love Through the Radical Immediacy of Simple Direct Experience. 

March: Integration Month. 

Workshops and Practice Sessions Continue on Schedule. No New Content. Digestion and Deepening into previous months.

April: Fierce Grace: Mysteries of Sacred Rage

Cultivating the Felt Presence of Blissful Ferocity as a Healing and Transformational Elixir of Love. Understanding the Predator and the Trap of Love and Light Spirituality. Coming into the Organic Innocence, Pleasure and Blessing of Anger as the Immune System and Goddess Wisdom That Preserves the Organic Architecture of Life.  Cultivating the Thorns that Protect the Sacred Nectar of The Rose. 

May: Hierosgamos: Mysteries of the Sacred Marriage
The Sacred Marriage and Inner Union Between The Organic Masculine-Feminine Codex of Creation per the Ancient Fertility Goddess Rites. Initiating the Masculine Into Her Mysteries and Resurrecting the Organic King Consciousness. 

June: Integration Month. 

Workshops and Practice Sessions Continue on Schedule. No New Content. Digestion and Deepening into previous months. Completion of the Journey.

Please Be Aware...

This Initiation is not for everyone...

But for those who it is for, it is like water in a desert.

A homecoming to a Temple in the Heart that just feels...


This body of work and articulation is wholly unique and often subversive.  

For these reasons...

It is essential that you are deeply resonant with the big 3 clarifiers: 

1. The Album- Holy Grail: Her Resurrection

2. The Album- The Deep Feminine Current Embodiment Practices 

3. The Book- The Venus Path: Initiated by The Goddess of Love

The Application Process is just to ensure that we are on the same page, as many paradigms may use similar words such as Goddess and Feminine and yet be coming from a very different understanding. 

Please do not apply until you have familiarized yourself and ensure that you feel a deep intuitive resonance with these 3. 

For mysterious reasons..some simply feel an intuitive and unmistakable sense of belonging to this lineage.

To the Path of the Goddess of Love.

This is who The Venus Initiation is For.